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Smoke generators



The great advantage of smokes compared to other biocidal application systems is its excellent aerial dispersion in the form of tiny particles homogeneously covering the whole volume to be treated in very little time, especially reaching the most inaccessible places, in cracks and crevices where insects and microorganisms mostly hide, granting total efficacy.

Other qualities of smoke treatments are also relevant in costs reduction for the applicator by saving time, handwork and special materials or machinery. This way, fumigation is easy, cheap and free of risks for the operators and general public.

Smoke generators have been developed in the course of the last 50 years according to market needs, introducing several innovations in formulations and formats.

Benefits of using Smoke generators are:
Lower quantities of pesticide are required than to spray the same storage area. Minimizes impact on the environment.
Simple and easy to use – no special training required.
Low operator exposure – health benefits to staff.
No special equipment required – cost saving.
Low groundwater contamination – low environmental impact.
Smokes do not increase humidity – fungal growth is not encouraged.
Ensures total effect even in the inaccessible areas like roofs, false roofs, nooks and crannies, etc…