Magnetic Powder (Magthanite®)

MAGTHANITE It’s an innovation in relation to other powders and an alternative to gels since the active is transmitted without alteration. Magnetic Powder adheres to cockroach’s exoskeleton, which itself is magnetic, and the active ingredient enters to the cockroaches’ body through the soft membrane in the same exoskeleton.

Active ingredient is carried in its pure state in to the nest producing a cascade effect. It does not need to be eaten to be effective.

Available with a wide range of active ingredients.

For more information, please visit: http://www.magthanite.com/

Dusts (DP)

Dry Powdered Formulations are particularly effective to treat areas where liquid insecticide cannot be used, such as areas with lots of electrical wiring.

Very easy to use and with long lasting residual effect.

Available with a wide range of active ingredients.