Fumi-Hogar launches to the Spanish markets its new brand FumiGol Flush Insecticide Smoke on our classical presentations of 60, 120 and 360 grams, in order to treat all kind of enclosed buildings, no matter their volume, with the same security and efficacy as ever.

Due to the constant innovation and adaptation effort made by the company to balance the ever changing necessities forced by European rules, Fumi-Hogar continues to offer useful and low cost tools to the pest control managers in order to better face all kind of situations happening when dealing with insect pests, even in years of economical crisis and high biological activity. For this reason, our well famed FumiGol smoke pot remains on the market with a new formulationbased on 3% Cyphenotrin, which together with its excellent killing power, adds new properties as a flushing effect that better help to increase the rate of activity over all kind of insects, specially crawling ones as you can see in the Table below.

FumiGol Flush Insecticide Smoke is registered for Public Health with Registration nº: 13-30-06577