Natural Products

The use of traditional biocide compounds often entails some risks to human health and to the environment during application. Using natural smoke generators is possible to reduce costs increasing quality of applications and quality of healthcare at the same time.

All our natural products have been developed under ISO procedures with the aim of offering an easy and safe solution for each specific need with an excellent quality price ratio.

We are able to work with a wide range of natural ingredients for all purposes: microorganisms and insect control.

Our natural range does not require registration since such products are not classified as a dangerous products.


  • Metallic Cans available in many different size.
  • Smoke Tablets (50gr and 25gr). Treatment Volume under 200m3. It’s a product with an excellent quality price ratio due to its simple application system and low cost per volume.

Destination Uses:

  • Animal Health: Stables, Poultry Farms, Warehouses, Trucks, etc…
  • Public Health: Fabrics, Homes, Lofts, Offices, Archives, Libraries, Schools, Army Headquarters, Warehouses, Cinemas, Theatres, Public drainage, Underground pipes, Trucks, Stores in general, Commercial Premises, etc…
  • Crop Protection: Postharvest, Silos, Warehouses, Ships, Greenhouse, Cold Store, Containers, etc