Services and collaboration proposals

Fumi-Tech is the new technical division of fumi-HOGAR a leading Spanish based international company, aiming to serve a wide variety of potential clients involved in biocides, crop protection, disinfection and natural uses for environmental treatments worldwide.

Adaptation and flexibility are our aims together with our deep know how of the technology in every service we offer, which better allow us to grant solutions in every proposed case with maximum quality as it is reckon in our ISO procedures 9001:2008 and 14001:2004

Fumi-HOGAR has over 45 years of experience as a specialized company working with biocididal products which allows us to better understand, handle and formulate a wide range of solid organic and chemical materials, no matter what density, particles size and toxicity level with minimum risks, due to our modern and safe machinery and equipment at our production site in Málaga, Spain.

Our experienced staff can operate in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian to meet our customer’s requirements.

Services we offer

Design, Formulation, Dosage and Distribution of smoke generators, dusts, powders and fumigant pellets.